PCB2Day: Proper PCB Layout – DDR2, 3, 4, etc. with Rick Hartley


Join Rick Hartley in a a new two-hour presentation on identifying reasonable rules and guidelines, as well as proper PCB layout concepts to ensure that double data rate (DDR) structures function as intended without adding extra time or cost to the project. This seminar is not commercial and will not promote any specific brand of [...]

Dan Beeker: The Billion Dollar Mistake Free Webinar


Abstract: Engineering teams worldwide are facing increasingly difficult challenges to design electronic products and achieve good signal integrity and compliance. However, the status quo had become to expect the design to fail EMC testing, not just once, but three, four, or as many as five times. Each time the design is sent to be retested, [...]

Surface Finishes for Next-Generation PCB Technologies: A Free Webinar for PCEA Members


Surface Finishes for Next-Generation PCB Technologies: A free webinar for PCEA members! Featuring Dr. Kunal Shah, CEO, Lilotree The evolution of internet-enabled mobile devices drives innovations in the manufacturing and design of technology capable of high-frequency/high-density electronic signal transfer. Selection of materials used in PCB manufacturing is critical for optimum performance and better reliability of [...]


PCE-EDU Printed Circuit Engineering Professional


A five-day course covering the basics of the profession, materials, manufacturing methods and processes; circuit definition and capture; board layout data and placement; circuit routing and interconnection; signal-integrity and EMI applications; flex PCBs; documentation and manufacturing preparation; and advanced electronics (energy movement in circuits, transmission lines, etc.). Written by Mike Creeden, Rick Hartley, Susy Webb, [...]

Flex Designs – Best Practices Free Webinar


Speaker: Gerry Partida and Gil White of Summit Interconnect Gerry Partida is vice president of technology at Summit Interconnect. He has managed tooling and planning of over 40,000 PCB designs over his Gil White is a senior field applications engineer with more than 40 years of industry experience, including more than 20 years with microvia [...]

PCB West 2022

Santa Clara Convention Center Santa Clara, CA

For more than 30 years PCB West has trained designers, engineers, fabricators and, lately, assemblers on making printed circuit boards for every product or use imaginable. More than 2,500 designers, fabricators, assemblers and engineers register and more than 100 companies exhibit each year at the four-day technical conference and one-day sold-out exhibition. From high-reliability military/aerospace [...]